Mutemath have spent the past 3 years since the release of their debut album toiling away for their new release Armistice. They've released a few songs for soundtracks and an EP to tide us over, but now it's time for the main course. They had a minor hit with their single Typical, but since then haven't really registered. I have a feeling that may all change.

Mutemath have been labeled in the same sentence as Switchfoot- Christian rock acts that have major crossover appeal. Armistice is schedule to drop on August 18th, and the first single The Nerve is ready for your listening pleasure. Upon first listening to it, I had high expectations. A steady barrage of drums kick off an barn burner (literally) with lines that call out the sometimes backwards thinking that goes on. (I can't believe this world is yelling out in the dark that it wants to be left alone/Set it on fire) The lack of a strong melody has me concerned but this song might need a few spins to grow. But all in all, Mutemath deserve to be applauded for bringing some substance to rock music.

The Nerve-

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