The Whigs

Things have been pretty slow around these parts lately. Posts have been a little slack partly due to the fact that I've just not really been excited about a ton of bands lately, and partly because it's summer and I'm out and about a lot. With that said, I decided to dig a little into my own personal iTunes for some dustier finds. During my time at The University of Georgia in Athens, I got wind of a lot of native bands. The Whigs are one of many that actually have the goods.

Their album Mission Control came out early last year amid a ton of positive buzz. They craft tightly wound rollicking songs and aren't afraid to find that pop hook. Lead singer Parker Gispert has an urgent voice that makes every song listenable. Their best track off the album is I Got Ideas a powerful, horn-ridden song with a great beat for hand claps. The verses start off with beat driven guitars before giving way to a rush in the chorus. The Whigs may not be the newest band around these parts but hey, if you've never of them, they're new to you.

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I Got Ideas-

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