The Stellas

There I was flipping through the channels the other day and stopped on CMT. I know, why? Well, there was a duo singing that immediately caught my attention. Apparently, the show Can You Duet is the country duo version of American Idol. The duo that made me stop is called The Stellas. They are a Canadian duo consisting of Marylynne and Brad Stella. Individually they have excellent voices worthy of a solo go- but together they are magic.

Marylynne's voice is smoky and piercing, while Brad has a strong, smooth tone. The strongest song The Game, is what they auditioned with and it's a fast-paced country tinged toe tapper. Fond of You is a coy little flirt of song with a strong hook. The Stellas' vocal dynamic is what drives each and every song. Whether or not they win the Can You Duet competition, The Stellas will have a future. A bit different for DFD, but I think you'll dig.

*Marylynne stopped by Digging For Days and left a comment, in the comments section. You should too!

The Stellas- Myspace
Fond Of You-


Anonymous said...

The Stellas are phenonmenal !! Great find !!

mlstella said...

This is Marylynne Stella here! I just wanted to thank you for your blog. It was such a nice surprise to stumble on. Thank you Google!! And Thank you Kip!


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed stumbling across your music on CMT! It is absolutly AMAZING & WONDERFUL! Pulling for you guys all the way!

Secret said...

This week's CYD, the Stellas performed Anne Murray's "Danny's Song". It made me cry...They're awesome and I hope to see them here in Austin soon. Hey SxSW and ACL, take note!!