Jessica Andrews

So updates have been a little slow because I've been moonlighting as a country music DJ. (No really) And in my raking over songs and songs I came across one from a girl who has been heaped into the one hit wonder bin far too prematurely. Jessica Andrews is a country singer but not a honky-tonk princess. In fact, her voice isn't really all that country. Especially now. Jessica hit it big with her hit single Who I Am at age 17. A dissolved record label and many unnoticed singles later, and Jessica is finally putting out a new album later this year.

The track Everything is off this untitled album and it is a heart-felt doozy. Jessica has never sounded so good. Her voice cracks with emotion and has matured into a fine instrument. I always thought she had a fine voice, but as she pushes to hit those notes I am blown away. Country music isn't my favorite thing ever, but every now and then you can't knock songs that just stick with you. Give it a spin. I think you will like it.

Jessica Andrews- Myspace

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