The Modern Electric

This is the find of the month.(Thank you Citizen Dick) Cleveland based "cinematic pop" group The Modern Electric, have so completely wrapped me up in their insanely catchy hooks, killer vocal delivery and just an all around intriguing sound. Let's see if I can put it in words. They sight David Bowie as their main influence and they even have a song named after him. Lead singer Garrett Komyati has a voice that is melodic, soulful, and electric.

Their self-titled debut album is filled to the brim with song after song of rocking soul with an indie edge. The track Mistakes is a low key, melodic affair about giving your all to someone but it's just never enough. A repeat of the question What am I doing wrong girl? serves as the chorus that really drives the point across. As Sharp As Knives is a building, brooding track with a haunting echoes and lone piano keys. While Ghost is downright creepy with its clever take on obsession (I promise I will haunt you when I die/What kills me the most/You're not even a ghost) The Modern Electric are the next thing. Guaranteed.

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