Andrew Belle

Andrew Belle is a singer/songwriter based in Chicago and Tennessee. He has a pop/indie vibe going on. His voice is smooth with almost a David Gray-esque quality, and his songs are catchy. At 24, it's refreshing to hear that the first album he ever bought was Counting Crows' August and Everything After. And readily admits Third Eye Blind as one of the bands that introduced him to the pop/rock world. Most artists will throw out older, "cool factor" bands as influences but don't really mean it.

His EP All Those Pretty Lights is currently on iTunes but you can also grab it for free off his Myspace page. It's filled with breezy gems brimming with acoustic guitar. It's music for a coffee house but without the pretension. Andrew Belle's full length LP The Ladder comes out later this year. But you can catch him on the east coast with the Ten From Tenn Tour. Belle's voice is the appealing factor here. What he lacks in sheer power he makes up for in a great tone.

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