Kevin Hammond

So usually on Tuesdays, I'm trolling iTunes to see what's new and what's out. I click through, listen to samples and so forth. Usually not much strikes my fancy, but today was different. I just randomly clicked on some guy named Kevin Hammond. Never heard of him before, we'll see what he's got. First of all, that voice. It is a mixture of Gavin DeGraw and Jason Mraz, yet distinctive enough to catch your attention. He can instantly go into his falsetto and back again seamlessly. Having quit his day job, traded in his car for a van, and took to the road to become a "musical nomad." Quite a risk, but one I bet has paid off in spades.

Hammond's demo on iTunes called Maybe is acoustic pop/rock with a hook around every turn. His style is very blue-eyed soul meets acoustic rock. Upon searching for more of his stuff, I came across probably the best rendition of Gnarls Barkley's Crazy, possibly ever. Many of his original songs though are quite catchy and deserves your attention right now. Look for his debut album to hit stores sometime this fall.

Kevin Hammond- Myspace
Broken Down-


Anonymous said...

I know Kevin, and you are only scratching the surface. What you have found is just a small sample of his incredible talent. This kid is a rising star.

Anonymous said...

1. I also scourge iTunes every Tuesday buddy! & here I thought I was alone! But more importantly:

2. I heard 'Maybe' and I can't get that song out of my head! Literally! it's playing in my head whenever I don't have it playing on my ipod! What a fantastic/amazing/off the hook voice! I'm still in awe...

Anonymous said...

I also know Kevin, and he's truly gifted. He can sing in front of you and just make the whole room move. He's definitely on the move.