This Century

Fact: This Century hail from Arizona. Fact: They are on the pop side of rock. Fact: They will seep into your head and become unshakable. This Century recently released an EP To Love And Back and if you're into The Cab then here's your next favorite band. Their songs are saturated with melody and lifted by warm, natural lead vocals. The title track is a mid-tempo piano-laced love song about a relationship that's on its last breath. Battling a Heavy Heart is a must listen. It is just a solid, hooky song about finding someone to lift you out of a funk. (I've been waiting a long time, long time to get to you)

This Century is a steady band. I've liked almost every song I've heard so far. But if they are not to really take off they will need to shake off their comfort zone and up the risk factors musically. Their song It's Not You It's Me is a groovy step in the right direction. Everything is hook laden and catchy (which is good) but needs a jolt. All in all though, a good band that has miles of potential.

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