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Straight Line by Pete Bernhard

Devil Makes Three lead singer Pete Bernhard is taking another stab at a solo album. This is technically his second solo album but his first commercial release. Straight Line finds Pete in his comfort zone of rootsy rock. But it is his voice that continues to amaze. He's at home on country music with a bluegrass bend. But he's not honky tonk.

I loved the vibe Devil Makes Three had going on, but on Straight Line Bernhard is very hit and miss. First the good. If the song Warning is not a single then the whole album should not even be released. It's excellent down to it chin-y chin chin. The title sums it up. Bernhard is warning "Emily" of the perils of fame and fortune-They're watching close so don't make no mistake/It's just my warning to you from me. The boppy piano line makes this quite a toe tapper and a very cautionary tale. The album closer 8th & Main is a low key affair. But a very melodic one and a great note to end on.

But if I'm honest the remainder of the album is just musically mediocre. The songwriting is top notch, but the lack of hooks left me underwhelmed. Many of the songs have nowhere to go. It's a shame really because while working at the radio station is summer, Warning was in constant rotation. Pete's Straight Line might have been better suited if he took a few detours here and there. C

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