Fefe Dobson

So this pick is probably going to make some of y'all's eyes roll, but keep an open mind. Fefe Dobson hasn't really made it big yet. Sure she has had a song here or there barely, but not much else. In fact her sophomore album was scrapped after her first two singles off said album failed to chart. Maybe we'll chalk her up to bigger in Canada.

But I ask why isn't she clicking with today's music scene? She fits into the same category as Avril Lavigne, and I would argue that she even surpasses her. I have a feeling that Fefe's time is coming. Her third (2nd?) album is entitled Joy and is set for release this fall on an independent label. One of her songs was recently covered by Jordin Sparks (Don't Let It Go To Your Head), and her first single, I Want You, is pure pop/rock bliss. From the simple guitar to the hand claps, everything clicks on this song. Fefe has never delivered such a sharp, catchy song before. Her punk snare is still intact and ready for a whole new chapter in her rising music star.

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