Those Dancing Days

Sweden isn't just home of ABBA, but also of the band Those Dancing Days. The oddly named band (taking inspiration from the Led Zeppelin song Dancing Days) is a fine mix of pure dance-able pop and infectious 1960s girl groups. The band is refreshingly made up of all women(!) that play their own instruments(!!) with a lead singer that has some Ida Marie and Florence and The Machine influences.

Their debut album In Our Space Hero Suits came out in the UK late last year and is slowly trickling over the pond. They have quite a bit of excellent songs-among them is Run Run. With warbling organ keeping the vibe a bit retro and a melody that is too catchy for its own good, Run Run is a rollicking good time. Home Sweet Home is a touching ode to coming back home, backed by summer synths. (Home sweet home, I've been away for too long) Those Dancing Days is quite an eccentric bunch with slightly off kilter tunes that surprise you as they go along. Finally an all girl band that isn't all pop and flash with no substance.

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