Elliot Minor

Elliot Minor is a band. Not a person. Now that that is out of the way, I know it feels like I've been blogging about a lot of English bands, but when you got, you got. Elliot Minor is a kind of like a British version of Green Day. Not only are they a punk/pop band but they have a violinist in their midst. That is enough for me to get on board. Their songs are completely catchy without being annoying and complex. They have a layered sound that feels like it could spin out of control at any minute. But they guys in Minor never let the songs overpower them.

A great example of this is The White One Is Evil; a song that plays out like an Apocalyptic soundtrack. With an ominous chorus that is a showdown of good and evil (Were you sent to destroy me/look I'm still breathing), and that looks can be deceiving. (Hence the title) One of my all time favorite songs, that sends chills down my spine.

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