Runner Runner

If you are a fan of Hellogoodbye, then Runner Runner is for you. They have an electro edge to all their songs. Their sound isn't anything you haven't heard before but sometimes it doesn't hurt to make music accessible. First single So Obvious is well, self explanatory in terms of meaning. A guy shows his love for a girl. From Huntington Beach, CA, the guys from Runner Runner have soaring choruses, tight arrangements- sometimes overproduced, but they did put out an acoustic EP. And from that you can really hear the heart of all the songs once it is stripped down.

Another great song to check out is the slower Dedicate. It is just begging for 90210 or Gossip Girl to feature it in an episode. And that is just what is keeping Runner Runner from making it big. The potential is there for these guys to finally get noticed, all they need is that killer single to get them there. So far, so good.

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