Living Things

Well, it's raining outside right now and what do you know, I just found the perfect song to listen to. It's the new single from Living Things called Let It Rain. Appropriate right? Well if you are a fan of Queens of the Stone Age with a late 90s alternative rock hook then check out this band. From St. Louis, Living Things had a decent single last year with Bom Bom Bom- a slow burning groover.

Their new album which features Let It Rain is called Habeas Corpus and comes out early next year. This song (which you can hear below) is quite excellent. The distinct lead vocals of Lillian Berlin is what really keeps the song interesting. His sings in a lower register than all those annoying emo bands. Let It Rain is about realizing that the best of your life has passed you by with lines like: Our glory days are over/ our glory days are gone/ let it rain. Definitely will be checking out the whole album when it hits stores if they can sustain the momentum of the first single.

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