The Hiss

Ever get in the mood to just crank up your radio loud and just let whoever is listening get an earful? No? Just me? Ok. Well The Hiss is the perfect band to do that with. Their music is not your average radio rock. It is all loud fuzzed out guitars, big beats, and gin soaked vocals goodness. And better yet, they are from Atlanta.

I heard their single Clever Kicks back when MTV2 was playing music instead of MTV reruns, and knew that they were my kind of band. Their debut disc Panic Movement was not available in any stores I shop, but after some searching online, I found it and it is terrific. They know how to get the job done but with songs that actually have decent melodies. None of this slasher death thrash metal mess. But I am sorry to say that The Hiss have broken up. But this doesn't mean that you still shouldn't check them out because they were well worth it.

And bonus points if you can tell me why in the world the song below is called Clever Kicks. I have yet to figure it out.

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Clever Kicks-

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