The Holloways

Hailing from North London, The Holloways are an indie rock band with a knack for writing jangly guitar ditties. With their new EP, Sinners and Winners, they don't stray too far from that formula. Their best of the bunch is the title track which could literally be used to keep time to jumping rope. Upbeat, bouncy, and lightning fast delivery make this record a must listen. They can best be described as a first cousin of The Fratellis. (The band from the iPod commercials)

Their second full length album Tales from the Tarmac is expected to be released early next year. If you like what you hear, check out some of their stuff off their debut album especially Two Left Feet which features harmonica and fiddle- an unexpected change of pace.

Check out this revealing interview from Spoonfed on what the band is working on now.

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