Everybody Else

In all my searching for new artists/bands lately, I failed to mention the one band I discovered a while back. From L.A., Everybody Else, specialize in the hook; that part of the song that you can't get out of you head. They released their self titled album a while ago and shortly after put out an acoustic version of the same album called 1 1/2. The songs are sunny, melodic, and ultra catchy. Lead singer Carrick Gerety has a fantastic raspy voice. It kind of sounds like he has been singing all day.

They have so many great songs, but Meat Market might be their best. It's bouncy, fast-paced, and has tongue and cheek lyrics- Never forget that the world where we met is a meat market. And their acoustic take on the song I Gotta Run brings a whole new meaning to the song. By slowing down the tempo, they take it from a kiss off pop song to a yearning ode to a break up with lines like He can't love you like I do. Everybody Else might be ridden off as yet another pop/rock band but when did that become a bad thing?

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