Phantom Planet

Say wha? Ok so Phantom Planet aren't so much new but my reaction to their recent indefinite hiatus was one of shock. You may know them from their contribution to pop culture on a little show called The OC (bitch!). They put out a brand new album a few months back called Raise The Dead. I thought it was one of their best. It was miles away from the vibe everyone got from the song California.

One of the best tracks off of their album inspired by cults was Leader. With its hypnotic chorus of children chanting Join our hands and sing along, you'll find yourself following suit. Phantom Planet finally realized their true potential was not in teen dramas (Although it's not a bad way for a band to get noticed.) They were, underneath, a loud guitar, quick and dirty, rock band with a penchant for writing a hook. They will be missed on the music scene.

Phantom Planet- Myspace

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