Pete Murray

Fans of acoustic singer/songwriters rejoice, because Pete Murray is here. He's not one of those high voiced, overly hyped artists coughBonIvercough. Think of him as a cross between Pete Yorn John Mayer, and Jack Johnson. Hailing from the Land Down Under, Murray offers a breathe of fresh air on a scene where so many artists sound the same.

I first got into his music with his album See The Sun. On that album there are some great melodic gems like the song Better Days which is all about looking back on life and wondering where it all went wrong. And Opportunity which is about taking chances even though you may not think you should- Don't pause too long, it's fading and it's ending all too soon/Soon you'll see.

Pete Murray is at his best on the mid-tempo to slow numbers but his voice cuts right through to the heart of the song. His new album, Summer At Eureka, is filled with what he does best. Check out the harmonica fueled Saving Grace.

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