Air Traffic

Grab your blender. Got it? OK, add 1 cup of Muse, 1/2 cup of Coldplay, a splash of Vodka, and a teaspoon of rock salt. That last part is more to emphasize the rock part. Air Traffic is not just a problem that faces airplanes on a daily basis, they are a great unknown band from the U.K. Until now.

They perfectly mix the piano-ness of Coldplay with the soaring, pleading vocals of Muse. Their album Fractured Life, is a great mix of catchy pop tunes with a rock edge. Driven by great melodies and lyrics that make sense when you read them, Air Traffic provide music for the person who just wants to sing out loud.

The song Time Goes By, reflects what it feels like to fall in love with someone who doesn't feel the same, as lead singer Chris Wall sings It's you that I need/I'm sure it's always been, with an urgency that you wish more bands would employ.

The most heartbreaking of the bunch is the song Empty Space, written after a friend of the band died in a car accident. Wall sings with just a piano There's a void that I can't fill/An empty space I can't replace/with anything at all. He paints a very realistic picture of the accident and how he dealt with the passing.

Air Traffic provide a change of pace from all the bands who think they have something to say but usually fall short. And even if you aren't into songs with meaning, take a listen to Just Abuse Me which is bound to put a bounce in your step with its ode to letting someone doing whatever they like...to you.

Air Traffic- Myspace
Time Goes By(Live- Acoustic):

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