Madi Diaz

Madi Diaz is two people in one. Kyle Ryan and Madi Diaz. Don't ask me why they went with her name and not some combination of the two, I don't know. Madi Diaz (the singer) hails from rural Pennsylvania and man oh man does she have a voice. It's not one of those showy, Mariah Carey singing your face off voices, just a pure, soothing voice that's sweet in its simplicity.

The best way to describe her (or them) is to think if Mindy Smith, Patty Griffin, and Kathleen Edwards had a baby and named it Madi Diaz. She is a little bit country, a little bit indie/folk/pop. (Take that Donnie and Marie) A perfect find if you like singer/songwriters with heart.

The song Nothing At All, off their debut album Skin and Bone provides a simple song with a quaint melody that will put a bounce in your step, with horns supplying a lot of the interest. But it's their song Pictures that shows Madi Diaz at her best. It is accompanied by only an acoustic guitar and is about someone who is leaving home and leaving someone behind.With lines like, I promise to send you a postcard, but it's too hard to tell where my road's gonna end, show that Madi Diaz has taken plenty of notes from the storytelling class taught by Patty Griffin. A very excellent group with much more than a pretty face.

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