You know how you buy a CD because you like one song and then realize that the rest of the album is not very good? I did that a lot before iTunes let me buy just what I wanted. I am thankful for this because of my latest find, Fightstar. Apparently they are some kind of screamo rock group. I was unaware of this until I heard a couple of tracks. Just when I was about to give them up, I played their song The English Way, and was blown away.

This song is beyond great. Let's start with singer Charlie Simpson, who is a big deal in England. He kind of have a Gavin Rossdale quality to his singing style. His voice has such an urgency behind it. In this song, he doesn't scream but sings with a brilliant melody. The lyrics are also great with lines like I will never give up on you for all the times you sat and sang to me trying to make me better.

The English Way
is apparently Fightstar's new single off their upcoming third album due in early 2009. Any song that can combine, choir chants, disjointed rounds, and a hook to match is fine by me. Also look out for their song Floods. It is very epic and Muse-esque.Let's hope that this song is a step in the right direction for a band that would do better if it realized the potential in singing and not screaming at the listener.

The English Way-

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