The Films

This band holds some significance to me because I saw them in concert twice in Athens, GA with a friend of mine. The headliner was Will Hoge and nobody had ever heard of The Films. We didn't know what to expect, but I ended up liking them better than the main attraction. Think of them as a better sounding version of The Strokes. Their songs are very straight forward and all together easy on the ears.Link

Their debut album Don't Dance Rattlesnake is filled with quick and dirty ditties about love, drinking, and partying. But strangely one of the best songs I heard that night (I'm Not Gonna Call You) isn't anywhere to be found on the album. But they make up for it with the beat driven chorus of Strange Hands and the more polished alt-rock Belt Loops. The Films thrive on that underground club, recorded in the basement feel without all the bad songs that usually result. A very solid effort from a band that is just one song away from hitting it big.

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Belt Loops-

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