Benton Paul

Benton Paul offers up catchy piano-pop without leaving behind that sugary aftertaste you get on your teeth. His debut album Grey is loaded with hooks beyond measure and great lyrics to latch on to. His song, Look for the Light, is about always finding the silver lining in a bad situation. There is always something better/when you look for the light on a dark day he sings with a slightly John Mayer-ish voice without the annoying facial expressions.

But Benton Paul isn't exactly a poor man's Mayer. He has a distinct sound for anyone out there who likes Matt Nathanson or Jack Johnson. He voice is simple but effective. It is his ability to write a great melody that sticks with you for days. And some of the songs will break your heart, like the powerful duet Don't Go, which is literally about begging someone not to leave a relationship. But it's not Paul who is doing the begging; Hey baby/don't go/we'll build it back slow, and then Paul countering with How will it be different?/Cause if we don't change/then I'll have to go.

So there you have it; the perfect mixture of lyrics, melody and a great voice that all add up to one perfect unearthed talent.

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