Florence and the Machine

You know a girl means business when she builds a song around domestic abuse... AND LIKES IT! Florence and the Machine, does just that with Kiss with a Fist. In this upbeat song about taking a punch (and giving it right back) has a jangly upbeat tempo with the repetition of the great line, a kiss with a fist is better than none. Yep, she plays by her own rules. Her sound is equal parts pop, alternative, and soul. Her voice is unlike anything you will ever hear but altogether very intriguing.

Florence and the Machine can best be described as PJ Harvey meets Lily Allen but with a little bit of Feist thrown in. She especially shines on her cover of Cold War Kids excellent song Hospital Beds. She makes it her own by starting out sans music before it goes all acoustic and brings a new depth to the song. She also knows her way around a great melody as evidenced on Dog Days Are Over, a simple ukulele is showcased along with hand claps and dreamy attitude. Check her out below.

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