With a name like McFly, I had my reservations. I mean who can be taken seriously with band named that. But maybe that is why judging a book by its cover isn't always recommended. So in the same way, you should not judge a band by its name.

Once again McFly comes from the great music land known as the UK. Listening to their sound though, you would think that they have been studying The Beach Boys. McFly are as catchy as they come. They deal with layered melodies, background vocals, bouncy rhythms, and all around great music. They may not have the "cool" factor as Radiohead, but who cares when you can listen to music this good.

Their album Radio:ACTIVE has two of the best songs I've heard in a while. Do Ya has a bouncy, sunny melody that could be on any Beach Boys album. Lies deals with darker themes but still holds on with a great hook. With crunchy guitars and a building chorus, this is one of their best. While some may dismiss them as just another pop group with guitars, I think someone needs to redefine "pop."

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