House of Heroes

Sometimes the best music comes when you just take a listen to a band you've never heard of before. For the most part, there is a good reason why you've never heard of them, because um, they're terrible. But every now and then luck up. I did just that with House of Heroes.

I found out about them when I read that they were on tour with another band I like, Relient K. Don't let the fact that Relient K has been classified as a Christian rock band turn you off. House of Heroes is signed to a Christian rock label but their music isn't that in your face Hallelujah style.

Their second album The End is Not the End, has a very common theme running through it-war. But not in a way that you might expect. A lot of their songs are about characters from WWII or the war against communism... nothing preachy here. Baby's A Red is about being in love with a communist

Their sound can be described as interesting pop/rock. The songs pivot and turn when you least expect them to. They start and stop with different melodies and always have a driving, forceful beat just in case anything gets too heavy. Their best offerings come with the backup vocals drenched Leave You Now- a poppy song about staying together only because I've got nowhere to go anyhow. Definitely check them out if you like your music hummable with a great story.

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Listen to House of Heroes explain Leave You Now:

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Mary Aquilina said...

You have fantastic taste in music! I love hoh. Just found your blog and I'm enjoying looking through it!