Ok, I'm not ashamed to admit it. Sometimes, I get introduced to new bands through Grey's Anatomy. They have pretty good taste in music. (And I am kind of caught up in the story too.) One particular song caught my attention during a very dramatic scene in the operating room. It was Falling For You by Seabird. Sea, who? Seabird. Yeah, not a very great name for a band but don't let that fool you because this is one of the best finds in long time.

Their album, 'Til We See the Shore, dropped back in June to not much fanfare or attention. I just have to ask, why not? These guys know how to rope you in with catchy little ditties like Maggie Mahoney, which is so bouncy and jangly that you'll get whiplash. Their songs are all about love, hope, and believing in something bigger than themselves. (Yes, they are a band of Christians- not a Christian band).

Seabird can best be described as piano driven rock with influences from The Beatles, Jeff Buckley, and a little Ben Folds. They prove on their major label record, that you don't have to sing about pain, heartbreak, and sadness to really make someone feel you. The positive outlook of Seabird is contageous and so are the songs.

Maggie Mahoney-

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