The Cooper Temple Clause

The UK has its priorities in order. Some of it's biggest musical acts are actual instrument playing bands-Oasis, Hard-Fi, Muse. Whereas here, if you can sing (and even if you can't), dance, and sell to a certain demographic, you're a pop star. I mean Kings of Leon released their best album yet and it went number 1 in the UK and barely registered here. I'm just saying.

The Cooper Temple Clause hail from the UK, and are an in-your-face rock band with pop sensibilities. They have a rock edge but their songs are still accessible to the public with its catchy hooks. Blind Pilots, arguably their best song, starts off simply but ends with an urgency as if a plane is falling out of the sky. The plane being a relationship gone bad while wanting the other to just hang around and try to land this thing. (It doesn't hurt that the video that accompanies the song has the devil in it.)

Some of their songs are a bit brash, but these guys know how to rock. Promises, Promises finds them trying to do their best Muse. And Waiting Game is a mid- tempo rocker and finds the boys of the Clause looking back with regret singing, why did you trust me with your heart? After listening to them you'll be asking yourself: Why haven't I heard of them before?

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