Third Eye Blind

Remember that summer of '97 when you would ride down the dirt road with Semi-Charmed Life blaring on the radio, or when you went swimming and it was on the radio, or in the store, or bathroom, or any-freaking-where? Whatever happened to Third Eye Blind? Well they released 2 more albums since that hot debut. (Their last one about 5 years ago) Well they are finally back.

They have put out an EP called Red Star which is to tide fans over until their 4th album, Ursa Major, hits stores June 23rd. Singer Stephen Jenkins, has said in many interviews that this record took so long to make because he could not finish a lot of the songs and that he wanted the record to say something.

Upon first listen of their first single, Non-Dairy Creamer, it would seems like the guys are back making excellent pop/rock with radio friendly hooks. But this song has some of the most unusual lyrics I have heard lately. It starts out talking about KFC not really being chicken and hot cheetos for breakfast before singing in the chorus about non-dairy creamer. I'm sure there is some reason behind it all, but who really needs to listen that close when the song is so catchy to begin with.

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