The Tender Box

What the hell is a tender box? I have no idea, but in the music world they are a quite excellent rock band with some of the catchiest songs you will ever hear. I just happened upon them on iTunes and several 30 second samples later, I was hooked.

Their album The Score, is loaded from top to bottom with one great song after another. Best described as indie pop/rock with a danceable edge, (Like how I cram all that into one?) The Tender Box somehow have mastered the art of getting a song stuck in your head. And quite possibly have one of the best written songs I have heard in a long time. Place Called Home is a low key song with marching band drums and a slow burning guitar. Lead singer Joey Medina, sings I'm going to a place called home/no one here to call my own/waiting for the days I once knew/wondering if you're coming back soon. I really identified with this song after moving off to college. It really spoke a lot for me then.

But they aren't all, meaning and substance. Mister Sister is just a bouncy electronic song with a chorus full of ooh and ahhs. And Shine A Light offers up a more straight forward rocker with a killer chorus and melody. None of the songs are lacking in hooks, which should be great for those looking to be reeled in.

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