They're finally being called up to big leagues. Late last year, Barcelona announced that they have been signed to a major label and will be re-releasing their debut album Absolutes. Barcelona are not, as their name would suggest, from Barcelona. And not to be confused with the band I'm From Barcelona. These guys are from Seattle and specialize in piano-based melodies with elements of rock.

Their excellent single It's About Time features a driving chorus of piano and drums that will get you in the mood for some of their more sober offerings. Some of their songs often bring to mind Death Cab for Cutie and Coldplay. The inspirational song about continuing on in life no matter what, called Get Up, Get Up, Get Up, builds to a climax of strings and piano that is chill-worthy. If you haven't checked out this band, do so but hold off on getting their record until they release it, because I hear they are adding new tracks for the re-release.

Barcelona- Myspace
It's About Time

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