The Boxer Rebellion

First post of 2009. Sorry I've been out of the loop for so long. Between the holidays and work (and the fact that there really haven't been any bands that are getting me excited lately.) But the drought ends with The Boxer Rebellion. Their 2nd album Union, hits iTunes next week. From London, The Boxer Rebellion are relatively unknown over here, but I suspect that won't last long. They play a style of music that isn't particualarly new but the way they do it makes all the difference. NME recently said that this band will alter your life. I don't know about that, but they are pretty dang good.

The song that really got me into them was Evacuate. It starts off with a trance like guitar riff and builds to a melodic urgency. I would say that these guys sound like a grittier Muse. The lead singer has a great voice;he puts so much passion into every line. The Boxer Rebellion are on the verge of something, I guarantee.

The Boxer Rebellion- Myspace

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Alisonn Peters said...

SO great to finally see they have a new record out! Yay!

A friend of mine played me some tracks off their first album AGES ago and it was sooooo good. I've been listening to the new one on their myspace player (the whole album is just awesome). I am so loving 2009 already. Thank you Boxers! You've already saved me from most likely yet another year of questionable "music" by gifting me with a wonderful oasis of goodness. xx