The Fold

I've been listening to The Fold for a good 2 years now. I just took them for granted but realized that maybe not everyone knows who they are. To my surprise, they released an EP called Stargazer late last year. With this EP, it finds The Fold shifting from they're familiar hook laden rock to a more electronic sound. Check out Good, Goodnight, the best of the bunch.

I became a fan of this band from Chicago due to their first album, This Too Shall Pass, which came out 3 years ago. It's still The Fold at their best. Their songs The Title Track and Gravity are songs that have yet to get old in my playlist. And the songwriting is great too, with lines like It's like gravity, what draws you to me/Someone I didn't know I needed it is just a great culmunation of hook, melody and lyrics. With their new direction off the EP, The Fold is proving that if you thought you knew what to expect, you better think again.

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