Midnight Youth

New Zealand- not only famous for the filming of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and that strange kiwi bird, but also rock band Midnight Youth. They've opened for Ok Go and Incubus but have had little success over here in the States. But I suspect their upcoming gigs at SXSW will change all of that.

Midnight Youth are comprised of five guys who know how to write and play great songs- not just one of those bands that are so weird you think that they must be cool. Youth relies on sharp hooks and songwriting to gain their footing in the music world. Although it is actually their third single, The Letter, I believe is their best. Starting out simply with piano and vocals the song tells a story about reconnecting with a friend via, coincidentally, a letter. The chorus is bombastic and fitting for the largest arenas out there. Midnight Youth will probably remain under the radar here until they break big at SXSW, mark my words.

Midnight Youth- Myspace
The Letter-


Anonymous said...

Yeah, great band - their single is being thrashed ova here in NZ!

Here's the link to the actual video for The Letter!


P.A. said...

What a cool band..
Something to look out for..
Spreading good music..