Vekstar is a trio from Nashville who specialize in folksy, pop songs. Everything seems to rely though on lead singer Mike Vecchio. His voice is a similar to that of Pete Murray. His harmonies with keyboardist Nichole Catalano-Miller offer a bright spot in the new song Tit For Tat. Their new EP, Monday Mourning, offfers up plenty of California pop, with a folky blues edge. Vekstar's music is a perfect companion for those lazy afternoons. It has a definite casual feel.

The only downside is that sometimes the songs can often go nowhere. They can lead up to something great, but just can't seem to get there. But those songs are few thankfully. One of their best songs is Quicksand. It blends a great melody with thoughtful lyrics about not living up to expectations. (We're building ships in quicksand, we're sitting ducks in quicksand.)

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