Max Morgan

There's got to be something in the water over there in Liverpool. Hailing from the sacred stomping grounds as The Beatles, Max Morgan is a relatively young (22 years old) rocker with a sensitive side. And man, has he hit pay dirt. He's had his music featured in the taste-maker show Grey's Anatomy as well as it's sister show Private Practice. (The latter show featured the song Loneliest Man In the World).

Max's upcoming debut album Interrupting the Silence, comes out at the end of March. It features piano driven ballads and up tempo pop songs as well. First single Wait For Me, tells about not being ready to love someone; a mid-tempo pop song filled with giant piano and guitar melodies. The rest of his songs aren't quite as catchy as this one, but still worth a listen.

Max Morgan- Myspace
Loneliest Man In the World-

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