Julia Easterlin

Julia Easterlin was brought to my attention by a friend of mine who shares my taste of music. Said to be a mix of Norah Jones and Regina Spektor, Julia Easterlin does give off a jazzy vibe with quirks. Among one of the most interesting songs I've heard, Go Straightaway finds Julia singing accappella with loops of her own voice, clicking, whispering, humming, etc. It's hard to describe just listen to it. This is what makes her so unique and a worthy listen.

Julia grew up in Georgia (shout out!) and has a really smooth voice. A lot of her songs lyrically are about universal themes of love and loss. She is an excellent musician playing piano, guitar, and well, handclaps. Check out her music on iTunes and juliaeasterlin.com.

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david said...

I caught Julie Easterlin at a show in Boston recently and blogged about it. That song is even more amazing when you realize that she's built all the sounds up from a digital loop-delay box. Google her to see a live performance of this, it's really incredible.