Jupiter Rising

Electropop, hip-hop, pop, and rock, all mixed together might not sound like something that quite fits together. But in the duo Jupiter Rising, damn if they don't make it work. Got a tip about them in my inbox, and on paper I was prepared not to like them. But my fears subsided upon listening to their first single off their upcoming album.

Falling Away begins with a somber church organ before letting the synths break in and giving away to a hip-hop style delivery by Spencer Nezey. The melody of the song is left to Jessie Payo. Together, this duo, complements each other nicely. Falling Away is a catchy piece of dance/pop much in the same way as Lady GaGa. Jupiter Rising's album The Quiet Hype hits stores in March and if they keep the music moving in the same way as their first single, it should be quite a sonic ride.

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