The Classic Crime

Seattle band, The Classic Crime, are one of those bands with a great lead singer. And, that, my friends makes all the difference. Lead singer, Matt MacDonald has the kind of voice that cuts through everything with his grit and knack for melody. Their new album The Silver Cord is loaded with modern rock songs with uplifting, optimistic lyrics. Often times, modern rock gets bogged down in its depressing lyrics and no hope type of mentality. The Classic Crime sing about things such as missing home when on the road and believing in something bigger than yourself.

But it's their Acoustic EP: Seattle Sessions, that really shows the band's strength for songwriting. Their song Far From Home find the guys missing their friends and family while on the road touring.(The sidewalks scream our names, we are so far from home.) It only gets better as the music fades at end and the band relies solely on voices to push the song to greater height. But on the other hand, their song Seattle is about wanting to get out your town to follow your dream. With heart-tugging melodies and lyrics, The Classic Crime are definitely a band worth your time.

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