George Stanford

Every once in a while you find that band or artist that just has the goods. George Stanford is one of those finds. I remember hearing about him last year, and somehow he didn't register on my radar. But now is the time to correct that.

George Stanford specializes in music that is a blend of blues, rock, and piano driven melodies. His first LP, Big Drop features Stanford's pure simple vocals on true to the heart songs. The title track is the best with laid back verses that lead into a bombastic chorus. My Own Worst Enemy is a great track as well, a simple song that sounds like it came out of a saloon. (If that makes any sense.) Stanford relies on his amazing musicianship (he plays the freaking trombone) and that voice of his. Check out this guy if you're a fan of Jason Mraz; that's the only person today I can compare him to.

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