Red Cortez

Red Cortez are a new band, sort of. They use to go by The Weather Underground, but a lineup change caused them to change their name as well so as not "share their identity with anyone or anything else." Their renewed sense of self serves them quite well, as evidenced by their new song, All The Difference. This song finds Red Cortez as a somewhat southern coated Strokes or Black Rebel Motorcycle Club during their Howl phase.

All The Difference starts out with a repetitive piano chord building up to a scorching finish. Lead singer Harley Prechtel-Cortez's voice is reminiscent of The Walkmen style but with much better pitch. His raspy voice serves each song well painting pictures of rugged Americana rock and roll. A definite refreshing take after so many rock bands find themselves lost in overproduced, life is hard songs. Red Cortez will be making the rounds at SXSW.

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